Ten Of The Largest Church Ministries Touching The World

by Anchor
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Wisdom from Some of the Greatest Church Leaders of our TimeTen of the Largest Church Ministries Touching the World is not just about ten bigchurch ministries. It is about the various ways these leaders plant churches, and the unique strategies they utilize to teach and disciple their people with. It also explores the multi-faceted methods they use to reach people for Jesus. Ten methods are examined, including…personal evangelismmarketing techniquespowerful worshipScripture translationThese methods are based on eternal, Biblical principles that never change, even when culture changes.This is your invitation to harvest wisdom and insight from some of the most respected, cutting-edge, and unique church leaders alive today! Adapt these methods to your own ministry for greater Kingdom effectiveness.You will be challenged by the great faith of men and women of God. You will also gain understanding of the principles it takes to grow your faith to accomplish the impossible. Most of all, you will be activated in your faith. As you read the testimonies and stories in this book, may your faith be stirred to do something revolutionary for the Kingdom of God in your life and generation!