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Discover the Science of Purpose Atheistic scientists have lied about humanity?s intelligent design for centuries, and their lies have decayed our culture into the social dystopia continually ripening before our eyes. Life and death have purpose, and we belong to all of it, which the ancient Greeks understood as Telos, meaning \'the end as it was intended.\' Join Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, award-winning cancer specialist, as he recounts his impassioned search to discover humanity?s true origin and purpose. Not only does he address in plain, straightforward language how modern science points inextricably to God?s hand on earth, but he alsoreviews the history of western science and philosophy, challenges misguided theories from academic titans such as Aristotle, Newton, and Darwin,addresses complex questions regarding the human soul,equips the nonscientist with a confident understanding of how science validates faith, andhelps readers reclaim a profound sense of individual purpose and meaning. The time has come to resurrect ancient biblical truth and restore it to its rightful place. It will be a battle royale for the hearts and minds of our civilization, but the treasure is our spiritual inheritance?the greatest gift we will ever receive.