Team Evangelism

by Anchor
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TEAM Evangelism works for the 90 percent of Christians who do not have the gift of evangelism as well as those who are gifted evangelists. When it comes to outreach, some Christians are wary of approaching strangers or even friends with the Gospel. This resource provides a no-guilt, no-pressing-for-decision strategy that shows how to influence your loved ones for Christ. It builds in accountability while allowing everyone to be themselves, using their individual personalities and God-given spiritual gifts in the evangelism process. There is a place for everyone and a role for every gift!TEAM Evangelism is based on the TEAM philosophy of ministry ? using people where they are best suited according to their God-given gifts. This packet will get your members involved in influencing and reaching people for Christ in a way with which they are most comfortable. Once they are comfortable, they will want to be involved on a regular basis. This packet is user friendly and designed for the average layperson to understand. You will be able to train confrontational and nonconfrontational personalities together for an effective evangelistic ministry! The TEAM Evangelism resource packet includes: implementation manual, teacher?s manual, workbook, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, textbook, 4 audio CDs, and Team Mate Personal Ministry Planner.