Sweet Surrender

by wasSTL
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Becky Lee is struggling to find herself after the loss of both of her parents. She doesn't care about school or the direction in which her life is going. She turns to her boyfriend for comfort, and then drinks to numb the pain as he walks in and out of her life. As she plunges deeper into drinking and "having fun," she faces yet another tragedy. What if she hadn't been drinking? What if she made a different decision? What has she done? And now, more news that will change her life forever. Then there is Tad. Who is this "different" guy who likes Becky Lee just how she is and who truly wants to help her? Tad speaks to her about Jesus Christ. She considers him a good friend, so she listens to him, but doesn't think this whole salvation-thing is for her. She believes that God is punishing her for all the wrong choices that she has made. But he shares with her how God will help her and will forgive her. Then the consequences of her past choices come crashing down on her, and she can find no way out. But when God speaks to Becky, a peace settles upon her, and she finds herself surrendering. She doesn't understand what's going on inside her, but she follows her heart to see where God leads her. And it's at that point, that her life comes together. This story is for those girls who are headed down, or have been down this path, and feel that they have no way out. I would love for them to know that there is another way. By giving into Christ, and letting Him be their guide, they will find that He is gracious, merciful and forgiving, regardless of their past.