Surprised By The Fathers Plan

by wasSTL
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There are no limits to God's capacity to surprise us. When the Russian troops marched into Latvia for the second time during World War II, Chuck Kelly's grandfather fled with his family on a German cargo ship, a smoked ham strapped to his back. Sixty years later, Chuck returned to Latvia to receive Latvia's highest honor, the Order of the Three Stars, for his work in the rebuilding and spiritual development of the country after the destructive decades of Communism. No one was more surprised by this turn of events than Chuck. Remarkably, Chuck is not a reformer, a politician, or a diplomat like his grandfather before him, he is a minister and founder of an international Christian charity. For more than twenty years, Chucks mission has been to build bridges between people, church, and organizations in North America and Latvia. Surprised by the Father's Plan is the compelling story of God's unexpected leading in the life of a man, a ministry and a nation. A powerful example of God's redemptive faithfulness through the generations, it challenges us to recognize the surprises that God works in our own lives.