Struck Down But Not Destroyed

by wasSTL
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At 27, at a time when everything was going right, Roxanne Smith had it allpromising career, great health, engaged to a wonderful manthen suddenly, without warning, it all changed. Smith was suddenly and unexpectedly struck down by degenerative disc pain, a debilitating condition that rendered her almost paralyzed in excruciating daily back pain. As her pain progressed, Smith vowed that when God had healed her of her condition, she would write a book, praising Him and His miraculous powers. This is not that book. Instead, this is the story of a woman who is still in paina woman who spends the majority of her life as a horizontal member of society lying downbut who is still able to live, raise a family, and still gives glory to God in the midst of her suffering. In Struck Down But Not Destroyed Finding Hope in the Maze of Suffering, Smith explains how, through much prayer and soul searching, she has thrived where others have wilted, and that it is all due to the wonder of God's amazing grace.