Stories From The Glory (November 2021)

by Anchor
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You are meant to live as a holy carrier of divine glory!
There are people who walk in a dimension of Holy Spirit power and presence so strongly, that the very atmospheres around them are filled with Heaven’s glory. These men and women are living examples of what Christ offers to those who follow him.
One such person was the late Ruth Ward Heflin, often called “ the gold dust preacher.” Though Heflin has passed on, her assistant, Sister Ruth Carneal, remains with us, walking in the supernatural realm and seeking to help you unveil the mysteries of God’s glory in your life!
Ruth Carneal has been a family friend of bestselling author and revelatory teacher, Kevin Zadai, for many years. In this groundbreaking book, Kevin and Ruth join together to share awe-inspiring testimonies and powerful teaching on how to live in God’s glory realm.
You will learn:
  • To open the glory realm through 8 supernatural access points: including altars, atmosphere, prayer, and others.
  • To recognize the unique movements of God’s glory and how to partner with the supernatural.
  • To live saturated in God’s glory through 5 essential steps.
  • To be prepared for the “End Time Glory Prophecies” by living with God’s glory shaping your view of life and eternity.
It’s in God’s glory that we are transformed, and it’s through His glory we transform the world! Stories From The Glory is your handbook for operating in the glory realm, allowing God’s miraculous power to flow through your life in unprecedented, powerful ways!