Step Into Deliverance

by wasSTL
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During fourteen frustrating years of pastoring a small congregation in the heart of downtown Canton, Ohio, Pastor Pugh discovered some rich keys to Christian maturity as God took him down the amazing road of the deliverance ministry. Originally written for pastors who oftentimes find themselves confronting the nightmare of poverty, addictions and dysfunctions among parishioners, the book takes on a boarder spectrum as it passionately traces some of the author's life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. Grounded with scripture and laced with humor, "A Step Into Deliverance" is a candid piece which transcends denomination, race, culture, and gender, touching the heart of everyone yearning for a deeper life in God. Through Pastor Toni Pugh's true experience you will learn... *How to gain victory over the Spirit of Jezebel *The fundamentals of the deliverance ministry *The rewards of faith and perseverance *The role that both blessing and rebuke play in your ultimate maturity in Jesus