Span-NIV Little Words Of Life Bible-Hardcover

by Anchor
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SPANISH EDITION. The Bible Most Popular With the Children of Today! Here is the most gripping story of all times, told in an appealing and intelligent way, effectively reaching today’s children. With its easy-to-read language and popularity with both adults and children, the New International Version Bible, Little Words of Life, lends vibrancy to the adventures, wisdom and passion in the age-old stories, introducing to young and old, the greatest events of history. Includes the unforgettable stories of love and action that reveal: “God’s relationship with His most beautiful and beloved creation, mankind.” Contains 64 thematic illustrations. Study guides on the universal truths of the Christian life. Teaching on basic principles or values of the Christian life written for today’s young people. Easy-to-understand explanations of how Biblical principles apply to everyday life. Devotional readings and key questions, presented as invitations and challenges for the young reader. Devotional prayers to help children to develop Christian values in their lives.