Sowing Atheism

by wasSTL
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SOWING ATHEISM exposes the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) as a nest of anti-family, anti-free speech atheists who delight in forcing the false and abominable notion of worm and reptile descent on America's school children. The author wrote SOWING ATHEISM in response to the book, SCIENCE, EVOLUTION, AND CREATIONISM, published in January, 2008 by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The NAS sent its book to educators, school boards, and science teachers throughout the country. The NAS book falsely affirms that molecules-to-man evolution is a fact when, in reality, it does not even meet the minimum conditions for a valid theory of science. The NAS fails to present any bona fide evidence for the spontaneous chemical generation of life from dead matter, for the evolution of the sexes, or for what it calls speciation, the alleged evolution of one species into another over vast eons of time. SOWING ATHEISM reveals that in order to conceal the lack of evidence for its evo-atheism (evolutionist-atheism), the NAS resorts to repetitive false affirmations, disguised tautologies, authoritative obfuscations, baiting and switching, and smearing apostate Christian lipstick on its atheist pig all in order to mislead and manipulate its audience. The NAS promotes an empty and deceitful atheistic philosophy of science, not an evidence-based, inductive, truth-seeking science. Using the NAS definition of religious belief, SOWING ATHEISM demonstrates beyond a doubt that the evo-atheism embraced by the NAS is an evidence-shy, faith-based religion. SOWING ATHEISM brings to light the fact that the men and women who put the NAS book together, and the rest of the NAS hierarchy, show themselves unable to comprehend the crucial difference between saying something is true, and proving that it is true. While such a handicap has no bearing on their respective abilities to philosophize, it categorically disqualifies them as competent scientists. This is the hardest-hitting book yet in the creation/evolution debate.