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by Anchor
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This ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation allows you to compare the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims in a clear concise way. This 100-slide presentation will teach your students how to reach out to Muslim friends and neighbors with understanding, and learn how to answer misunderstandings.
Topics include:
• Founder, Date, Location
• Life After Death
• Who is God?
• Key Writings and Scriptures
• Who is Jesus?
• Sects and Denominations
• Who is the Holy Spirit?
• Prophets and Angels
• Major Doctrines and Beliefs

System requirements:
To run these versions of PowerPoint® presentations, you must have Microsoft PowerPoint® 2001 or higher already installed on your computer (this CD does not come with the PowerPoint® application) and Adobe Acrobat® Reader 4.0 or higher (if you wish to print out the handouts), as well as -
Minimum for PCs: Pentium III or better, Windows 98, 98 2nd ed., NT®4.0 with Service Pack 6, Millennium, or Windows Professional, a CD drive, 256-Color Monitor.
Minimum for Macintoshes: Mac OS 8.5 or higher; PowerPC,G3, or higher; a CD drive, 256-Color Monitor. This version of the presentation has been tested on U.S. computers only.