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The book of Acts tells the inspiring stories of the Early Church and reveals what happened to the disciples AFTER Jesus ascends into heaven. From the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the Apostle Paul\'s conversion, the book of Act records more stories of the early Christian church than any other New Testament book. Easily teach through the entire Book of Acts with this ready-to-use, fully-customizable PowerPoint®.
Don\'t just tell the stories of the Early Church—show them with incredible visuals, maps, and diagrams for simple teaching and easy learning, including:
An easy-to-follow overview of the letter (who wrote the book of Acts, when was it written, why was it written, and more!)
Section-by-section commentary highlighting key verses, themes, and applications. Covers —
Mission in Jerusalem: from the ascension of Jesus to the martyrdom of Stephen
Mission in Judea and Samaria: Philip\'s ministry to Saul\'s conversion
Mission to the Gentiles: Apostle Peter\'s outreach to Paul\'s missionary journeys to the Gentiles
Incredible Bible study tools and visuals, including —
Full-Color Maps of Paul\'s journeys
Quick-reference charts
Simple explanations of key themes: Gospel, Mission, God, Jesus, Church
Packed with simple summaries, maps, timelines, charts, and easy-to-understand commentary, the Book of Acts PowerPoint® Presentation gives a simple overview of the entire book of Acts and dives into the inspiring stories of the early church and its key leaders (Peter and Paul)! Perfect for new believers\' classes, Bible studies, small groups, and even your congregation! Click here to see the key features and lessons!
Features over 150 ready-to-use, full-color slides that you can easily customize for your class.
Enrich your students\' faith by expanding their understanding of God\'s plan for the Early Church with just the click of a mouse. This ready-to-use Book of Acts Bible study presentation is loaded with background information, pictures, and relevant applications for today\'s believers.