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Showing love is incredibly rewarding, but not always easy. It requires strength, character, and steadfast commitment. So what does it really mean to love others? How can we grow in love? Enjoy digging even deeper into one of the most beloved passages on love: 1 Corinthians 13. This 160+ slide presentation features practical reflection questions and application steps to help you grow in your ability to love others with \ o strings attached\ and will help you learn how to spot the pitfalls that can sabotage relationships, such as envy, selfishness, and pride. It contains incredible insight for all relationships—marriage, friendship, family, and more!This UPDATED PowerPoint® based on the Corinthian letter written by the Apostle Paul is packed with— Section-by-section commentary on each characteristic of love (patience, peace, gentleness, etc.) 160 full-color, customizable slides with illustrations Practical applications for understanding what love is (and isn\'\'t) Simple summaries, keyword studies, scannable bullet lists, and moreThis encouraging PowerPoint® also explains the keys to loving others. This UPDATED version is packed with over 100 more slides than the original! Ready-to-Use Customizable Slides for Flexible TeachingUse the presentation as-is or customize it to fit your teaching schedule! This convenient presentation format allows you to rearrange or add slides at your choosing! More than 160 full-color slides, completely customizable for flexible teaching Teach on one part or run the entire presentation You control the timing, speed, and order Printable slide handouts for easy note-taking And more Explore the Differences Between the Four Loves (Greek Translations)Love is a risky adventure requiring not only strength and character, but also a vulnerable, gritty commitment. The Apostle Paul\'\'s famous passage on love, 1 Corinthians 13, is often quoted during weddings; however, it has a far greater application to today\'\'s world. 1 Corinthians 13 unpacks this meaty chapter without sentimentalism, examining and applying the hard work of loving a spouse, child, friend, or neighbor. 1 Corinthians 13 explores the four kinds of love: Agape (unconditional, selfless, God-like) Phileo (friendship) Eros (passionate, romantic) Storge (affection among family members)Perfect for: Individual use Homeschool Bible studies Discipleship New believers\'\' classes Giveaways And more