Sensible Shoes Leader Kit (Curriculum Kit) (Apr)

by Anchor
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The novel Sensible Shoes is meant to bring spiritual transformation in community. This leader\'s kit offers everything you need to invite participants into either a twelve-week small group or a one-day retreat. You\'ll receive prayer prompts, facilitating tips, sample retreat schedules, creative ideas, plus a copy of the book, journal, and study guide.Sensible Shoes is an unusual novel, blending a fictional story with nonfiction teaching elements. Some readers view it only as a story of four characters on a journey. Others say yes to a deeper level of reading, embracing the opportunity to take a \'sacred journey\' along with the characters, by opening themselves to the Spirit\'s work and attending to God\'s invitations. The Sensible Shoes Leader\'s Kit offers everything you need to invite participants into two different types of experiences: a twelve-week small group or a one-day, weekend, or online retreat. Included in the kit is both a participant and a leader guide. The leader guide provides prayer prompts, tips for facilitating the group, and behind-the-scenes information about the characters and their journeys that can be used as opening materials for your sessions. Also provided are schedules for differing retreat formats and creative ideas gathered from the many groups that have used Sensible Shoes in retreats over the years. There\'s also a copy of the book and a beautiful journal with a ribbon and quotes from the characters. Sensible Shoes was written for the purpose of bringing God\'s healing and spiritual transformation into the lives of readers traveling in community. Is there an invitation here for you to bring this message to your community? The Sensible Shoes Leader\'s Kit includes:Sensible Shoes Leader\'s GuideSensible ShoesSensible Shoes Prayer Cards (sold as part of this kit only)Sensible Shoes JournalSensible Shoes Study Guide