Seek First The Kingdom - Bible Study Book

by Anchor
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As Christians, we live busy and harried lives, most often because we are eager and earnest to join with God in His work in the world. In the confusion and sheer volume of opportunities and ideas vying for our attention, we must constantly return to the words of Jesus to find our focus and purpose, for the truths He spoke, when believed and applied, lead to our flourishing. Using parables and stories, Jesus spoke most often of the kingdom of God as what matters?the ways of the kingdom, the values of the kingdom, and the cultivation of the kingdom here on earth in light of its fulfillment in heaven. In other words, the kingdom of God defines who we are and what we do as Christians. Many Christians don\'t have a working knowledge of the kingdom and their true citizenship in a way that affects their daily lives and decisions. Seek First the Kingdom cuts through the clutter of life with the words of Jesus, urging readers to stop, think, take notice, and reorient themselves solidly around the kingdom.Features:8 weeks of personal study to complete between 8 group sessionsLeader guide to help guide group meetings Benefits:Explore the kingdom of God in-depth, learning what the kingdom of God is, and how we enter it.Embrace the life Jesus offers us within the kingdom and the way we find joy as His subjects.Understand how the ways, values, and cultivation of the kingdom of God define who we are.Learn to confront our allegiances to idols and false kings, re-ordering our worship.Identify our places in the kingdom of God and how we can join in the work that God is doing here and around the world.