Secrets of the Heart

by Anchor
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Are you discouraged or despondent? Was there a time in your life when you thought there was no way out? Have you arrived at a breaking point? Do you feel like you?ve used up all your chances?Get up, my friend, and try one more time. With a prayer and some faith, this could be your turning point. Life is about falling down and getting back up. There is an unseen hand outstretched to you, just waiting to intervene. The storm is raging, the waters are rough, and the wind is tossing your boat to and fro? which makes this a perfect time to call out to the Master of the storm.Are you willing to allow mercy to walk into your situation? This book will challenge you to make life-changing choices. Discover what faith in God can do. Could this be the time to reach beyond your strength to a divine power?