Secrets Of A Good Life

by Anchor
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Unearth distilled wisdom in quote nuggets from spiritual juggernauts and ordinary folks in this fun book. \'The point of this book is to remind us of this: Wisdom is everywhere. Watch for it. Acquire it. Use it to live a good life,\' writes Stephens. Packaged to be merrily accessible, the content of Secrets of a Good Life is nevertheless quite profound. It represents the highest, most inspiring thoughts humankind has to offer. But no digging into intimidating, dusty, thick tomes is required! Pause, ponder, and pursue a new way of living by considering the secrets of a good life as observed by saints and sinners. (Truth can sometimes be found in the strangest places!) Each of the seven secrets is reinforced by quotations from classical Christianity and from a wide variety of other perspectives. What a thoughtful gift book for those entering or graduating from high school or college! Readers will find themselves referencing the pithy but wise passages for milestones and life experiences to come. And the book will handily replace all those enlightening quotes posted on the mirrors or fridges of young adults everywhere!