Scripture Press Winter 2018-2019: 4s & 5s Teaching Resources (#4021)

by Anchor
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Little ones are visually-oriented learners. Each quarter this product provides colorful, correlated teaching aids, which help make the Bible Truths and lesson response aims tangible. These teaching aids provide full-color art designed to help the teacher communicate the Bible story and keep the student\'s attentions riveted. Different quarters will utilize various forms of manipulatable art: flannelgraphs, pocket storytellers, mural art, peep boxes, and puppets, as well as teaching pictures and materials for learning centers and bulletin boards.

Songsheets provided in the Teaching Resources packet correspond to the Let\'s Sing Motions \'n Music cassette. There is also a memory verse sheet provided in each packet, which provides all the quarter\'s memory verses in both the King James and New International versions.