Scripture Press Summer 2018: Primary Teaching Guide

by Anchor
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The Primary Teaching Guide helps leaders introduce basic Christian doctrines that are relevant to the lives of six- and seven-year-olds. Each quarterly guide includes 13 biblically accurate and thorough lessons. The Bible Truth and the Life Response Aim give the teacher direction in preparing the lesson based on the unique characteristics of their students. Order 1 per teacher.
Features include:
1. Easy three-step lesson plan:
Focus: An activity to tune students\' hearts to welcome God\'s Word
Discover: Presents a narrative Bible story suited to first- and second-grade students
Respond: Children respond to the Holy Spirit in applying the lesson to their own lives.

2. Mission emphasis is carried out through applicationideas, projects, and stories.
3. Worship ideas are included in each lesson.
4. Teacher-to-Teacher Counsel: A practical teacher training section.
See Scope & Sequence above for quarterly contents