Scripture Press Summer 2018: Adult Bible Knowledge Series Teaching Guide (Kjv)

by Anchor
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Step-by-step instructions to help teachers prepare and lead each lesson. Includes preparation activity for the teacher, Bible background material, lesson objectives, answers to study questions, and a variety of activities relating Bible truths to adult life. Reductions of the student book pages are included so teachers can easily see what students are reading and studying. Order one per class teacher.
Teacher preparation and guided lessons
Helpful summaries of the Scripture passage
Answers to the student questions
Extra activities that tie into the lesson
Maps, charts, and word studies
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The Adult Bible Knowledge Series offers straightforward, solid, conservative Bible interpretation from the authorized King James Version. Throughout its commentary, the Teaching Guide features questions that are also in the Student Guide, encouraging further discussion and application of truths that the students will have been considering during the week. Teacher\'s and Student\'s Guides include scholarly insights, in-depth commentary, and flexible life applications for adult students of all ages.