Scripture Press Summer 2018: 2s & 3s Teaching Guide

by Anchor
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All of the how-to\'s are at your fingertips in this valuable teacher resource. Each of the 13 lessons are designed to introduce two- and three-year-olds to the foundational concepts of God and His Son, the church, God\'s Word, and His creation. Lessons are divided into three parts: Focus, Discover, Respond; each developed to take the student through the lesson Bible Truth and Life Response Aim. Order 1 per teacher.
Features include:
1. Teacher Devotionals and link to previous lessons help the you prepare for class
2. Easy three-step lesson plan:

Focus: encourages children to explore their world and introduces them to the Bible Truth and the Life
Response Aim through focused play and age-appropriate discussion.
Discover: presents the Bible story using colorful visual aids, music, puppets, and more.
Respond: allows children to respond to the Bible story and focuses on the Life Response Aim.
See Scope & Sequence above for quarterly contents