Scripture Press Fall 2018: Young Teen Teaching Guide (#4060)

by Anchor
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Teaching young teens is both a challenge and a joy. Any biblical concepts they catch and internalize have the potential to change the whole course of their lives. What an opportunity! Eachyoung teen lesson will capture the attention of your 12- to 15-year olds and communicate one key biblical principle each week. Plus, the Young Teen Teaching Guide will give you the tools to make each class productive, meaningful, and fun. Order one per teacher.

1. Teacher Devotionals and link to previous lessons help the you prepare for class
2. Easy three-step lesson plan:

Focus: A time to look at your students\' personal needs and interests to prepare their hearts to turn to God\'s Word for the answers to their questions.
Discover: Lead students in fun-filled, inductive Bible study, discovering God\'s truth and its implications for them.
Respond: help teens respond individually to God\'s Word as the Holy Spirit leads him or her to a specific life application

3. Enrichment Ideas: Are special activities and projects that allow you to customize the lesson for your particular group.

See Scope & Sequence above for quarterly contents