Say All The Unspoken Things

by Anchor
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SSay All the Unspoken Things encourages us to unlock our hearts and love more deeply, more intentionally, and more immediately so our relationships flourish and we experience all God intended in our families and friendships.Our children, spouses, parents, and friends may know we love them, but shouldn?t they hear it from us regularly and feel it profoundly? For some reason, many of us rarely share our hearts or speak those deep, hidden sentiments. Or we hold on to them for a day yet to come. John Sowers encourages us all to release the stranded and exiled words we have in our hearts?those unspoken things?so there are no doubts in our relationships nor regrets in our lives.Written in the form of personal, heartfelt messages from a father to his daughters, these love letters will echo in the heart of readers, reminding them that ultimately their Father in heaven loves them and is for them. This, combined with wisdom for life, will make this book a treasure for parents and grown children alike.