Saras 1st Haircut

by wasSTL
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Sara's 1st Haircut EASE FIRST HAIRCUT FEARS Sara's 1st Haircut, by Catherine Marek, a mom and hairstylist herself, may be just what you need to take the fear out of what can be a traumatizing experience for some children. This brilliantly illustrated rhyming tale of Sara's adventure to "The Beauty Shop Place" with her grandmother is perfect for any little girl preparing for that special rite of passage, "Going to the beauty salon to get her first real haircut." Whether your child is a little leery or excited about the prospect of going to the salon, this book will fast become a family favorite. The story takes your little one right along with Sara as she experiences the sights, sounds and smells of a real beauty salon. Sara starts off a little afraid of all the things that are going on, but she triumphs in the end with beautiful hair and a smile that will let your child know that going to the salon can be fun, and it is nothing to fear.