Same Kind Of Different As Me Conversation Guide

by Anchor
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If you were astounded by the unlikely true story of a life-changing friendship in Same Kind of Different As Me, you can now go deeper into the story and its powerful themes with the accompanying Faith Lessons From...Same Kind of Different As Me Participant\'s Guide. Perfect for your individual study or a small-group discussion, the Participant\'s Guide provides a continued connection to the story and the foundation for a convicting lesson. Appealing to many audiences, Same Kind of Different As Me compares one man\'s experience with 20th-century \slavery\ and homelessness in the United States with another\'s portrayal of his own complacency and wealth.From a burning plantation hut in Louisiana to an upscale New York art gallery, you will see the heart of God in this unexpected tale of the transforming power of love and friendship. Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, Same Kind of Different As Me is an inspirational true story that crosses the barriers of society.