RVR 1960 Holy Bible-Sc-Spanish

by Anchor
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Reina-Valera is the oldest Spanish version still in use today. It is loved by the Christian community for its exquisite use of the Spanish language. This version has undergone multiple revisions in order to keep step with the evolution of the language. It is a solid translation of the original biblical texts, and was revised in 1960 by the Bible Society in Latin America. Features include: Index of the books of the Bible Table of biblical weights and measures and their modern equivalents Very useful maps that reference the world at the time of the Bible A useful chart of the books of the Bible A brief overview of each book of the Bible How to read the Bible during your devotional time How to take notes on the Bible A plan for reading the Bible through in one year Readings for special days of the year, such as Christmas How to find famous passages in the Bible Scripture passages to help you deal with difficulties and problems in life Passages showing God's great love and forgiveness for you.