Rise To Power

by wasSTL
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The world of fictional heroes has expanded immeasurablyMythical figures born of imagination and the desire to create a literary haven for the reader that seeks to escape to a world where good once again triumphs over evil. A Rise to Power transcends the basic premise of right over wrong, by presenting a historical legend who overcame personal, familial and occupational trials through his relationship with a personal and accessible Godthe same God who is with us today, his might and majesty as overwhelming as it was then to those who quest to find it. The young reader will unearth an age of intrigue, whilst the more mature will rediscover a familiar reverence for the supernatural experience born of ultimate faith.The portrayal of one mans rise to a mighty throne in a fierce battle for the dominion of a nation. In fulfillment of a prophecy, he surrenders to his destiny to become the greatest leader his people have ever known and the father of the hope of the world!With the Power imbued in an ancient stone . . . a man of legend lives again!