Reformation Press Summer 2018: High School Teacher's Guide

by Anchor
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The High School Teacher\'s Guide is an excellent tool to engage students in stimulating lessons designed to help teens make a successful transition to owning their faith. High school students are engaging in one of the biggest transitions they will ever make: from dependence to independence; from incorporating their parents\' beliefs into their lives to establishing and owning their beliefs; and from concrete thinking to abstract thinking.

Class preparation is easy. A Teacher Devotional prepares your heart and mind for the study. A short Understanding The Bible article gives perspective on the Scripture while a section on Classroom Tips makes your class time run more smoothly. There\'s also a pre-session activity for students who arrive early to class.

Each four-step lesson plan starts with a Lesson Focus that is applied in each step. An easy-to-follow guide takes you step-by-step through the lesson.

Step 1 motivates students to learn by doing an activity that connects their needs or feelings to the Lesson Focus. Activities include a skit, a game, a video clip, a poster, an opening story, or a brainstorming activity.

Step 2 presents your students with new information by studying Scriptures and asking thought-provoking abstract questions based upon what they have read. Bible studies might be presented as a lecture, a drama, a video, a Scripture reading, or an in-depth Bible study. The Teacher\'s Guide also helps you to check students\' understanding of the lesson before you proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 allows students to practice what they have learned by choosing an activity that reinforces the lesson. Children select one of three activities that best corresponds to their interest and particular learning style.

Step 4 encourages students to use what they have learned by applying it to their lives using a two-step process. First, students plan how they will use the new information and second, they implement their plans when they leave the classroom. The teacher is reminded at the beginning of each lesson to follow-up with students\' progress during the previous week.

A sixteen-page insert in the Teacher\'s Guide provides articles and activities with Reformed and Presbyterian distinctives. Each quarter\'s insert features an emphasis on a particular liturgical calendar event. Reviews are also given for software suitable for Sunday classroom use.