Reformation Press Spring 2019: Preschool Teacher's Guide (#1010-RP)

by Anchor
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Each Preschool Teacher\'s Guide leads you and your students through the natural learning cycle in a way that is meaningful to young children.

Every lesson covers all of the bases from teacher preparation to student application at home. A teacher devotional is included in each lesson to inspire and challenge you. Background information about the Scripture passage used for the lesson is included in a section called \Understanding the Bible.\ Age-level tips help you understand how your children relate developmentally to the lesson. The easy-to-use lessons guide you from the Welcome Time Activities, through the four steps of Bible learning and application, and then finish with Extra Time activities.

Each lesson in the Teacher\'s Guide allows children to connect their life experiences and interests to the day\'s Bible truth. Lessons present an interactive Bible story, a review activity, a memory verse practice, fun Bible story exploration, and meaningful ways to take the lesson into the week.

A sixteen-page insert in the Teacher\'s Guide provides articles and activities with Reformed and Presbyterian distinctives. Each quarter\'s insert features an emphasis on a particular liturgical calendar event. Reviews are also given for software suitable for Sunday classroom use.