Reflecting His Image

by wasSTL
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How Did It Happen? "God has promised me that His mercies toward me are new every morning, but lately I've begun to feel pretty stale." The Lord has promised that out of us rivers of pure, life-giving water would flow. But over time, we often find that water can become polluted with the cares of this world, dragging us into mediocrity. Has the freshness in your walk with the Lord somehow diminished? Have you failed and now wonder if there is a way to fully recover? Do you hunger for a life beyond the rut of mediocrity? This easy-to-read book is full of short chapters that touch on these issues and many more. Let K.P. Yohannan take you on a journey back up the mountain to the source of true, living water-Christ Himself. As you daily choose the narrow path that Jesus walked, you will discover God's ultimate purpose for your life: to reflect His likeness and walk in His newness of life.