Redemptions Song

by wasSTL
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As far as Jamie Steele can see, there's not a cloud on the horizon. She is finally at peace with the memories of her parents. She has enough money to pay for college. Her boyfriend, Jason Collier, is attending law school at the same university. Just when life couldn't get any better, Jason makes an announcement that will change their lives forever. Abigail Blackwood's entire adult life has been a masquerade. When tragedy strikes, she realizes the secret she safeguarded for the past twenty years isn't as well kept as she thinks. She will stop at nothing to protect what she has left, even if it means destroying the life of another. Two women who share nothing more than love for one man. When their lives are shaken and faith tested beyond what either can imagine, will they trust God? Or will foolish pride drive them to take matters into their own hands?