Redeeming Our Treasures

by wasSTL
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Redeeming Our Treasures is a beautiful full color journal of a miracle in the making. The subtitle, Finding Joy in the Shadows of an Abuvive Past, hints at the milestones of growth, the progressive understanding, and spiritual insights gained along the way as a survivor of abuse traverses the lonely road to recovery and finds fellowship, freedom and forgiveness in the process. There are over a hundred full color photos in Redeeming Our Treasures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this book has a lot to say about suffering, redemption, and recovery. Redeeming Our Treasures will give the survivor of abuse hope that she can recover from the debilitating effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Hope that she can recover, as well, from the "hurts, habits, and hangups" that often follow the wounds inflicted by the abuser. Abuse affects almost everyone in our society, if not directly, then through our relationships with others who have suffered abuse in one form or another. This book is constructed around the story of one survivor, a woman who spent twentyeight years imprisoned by her father's violence and depravity. The eldest of six children, she was held hostage by her love for her siblings and her mother torn between the felt need to protect them and the need to escape the violation and suffering she could not avoid. Linda examines the questions often asked by those who have suffered abuse, Questions about God If God is all powerful and all loving, why did he not intervene for me? Questions about herself Was I responsible for the abuse? Why did I stay for twentyeight years? What could I have done differently? Redeeming Our Treasures takes us back to the origin of our pain and teaches us to mine for treasures buried beneath the rubble of traumatic memories and broken dreams. The author has worked with therapists and other survivors to produce a book that is powerful in its message and empathetic in its approach to this sensitive subject.