Reclaiming The Wesleyan Tradition

by Anchor
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This accessible 13-week program presents the central themes of John Wesley?s theology of salvation in ways that bridge an intellectual study of his sermons with relevant application to participants? lives and faith. Concerned that even Methodists don?t really appreciate the basic tenets of John Wesley?s theology, a group of Methodist pastors and professors crafted this well-written introduction to his work. Readers will find this study challenging and rewarding as they explore everything from humankind?s creation in the image of God all the way through sin, grace, justification, and the riches of spiritual rebirth and sanctification. While it sounds like a difficult undertaking, this program is so well-conceived that it draws the readers in. An excellent structure provides daily assignments in reading and writing about the sermon. The authors supplement each sermon with clarifying analyses of the theme, and provide a wealth of helpful notes, hymns, and prayers. Best approached in a group, this study will generate hours of theological discussion and open portals for deep spiritual growth.Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition is an excellent resource for small groups who enjoy in-depth exploration of theology, spirituality, and faith heritage.