Real Life Teens: Communication Breakdown - Bridging the Student -Teacher Gap

by TMW
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In this program we address the communication gap that occurs between students, their teachers and counselors. We discuss how students can better understand the challenges facing teachers and counselors today. By understanding the mechanics of the school environment, teens will be better prepared for overall success both in and out of school. Learning to work with people they don't easily connect with is a good skill to have in life. However, student‰۪s success in the class is not based on their teacher‰۪s performance; it is based on their own performance. When students show genuine interest, teachers will be more willing to talk, meet with and address any issues students have. However, students that show a lack of interest, disrupt classes, don‰۪t complete assignments, skip classes or show no interest in their academic career are often left behind. Having an open and positive line of communication with a teacher or professor is vital to a student‰۪s success in school. Although all instructors have different personalities and expectations, there are some general guidelines student‰۪s can follow in order to establish a positive relationship with their teacher. Subjects Covered Include: Getting along with your teacher, How to handle difficult classes, The importance of school counselors, When and how to talk with your counselor, Choosing your classes wisely, Class preparation, Having an open & positive line of communication with your teacher.