Raccoon Gangs, Pigeons Gone Bad, And Other Animal Adventures

by Anchor
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Trish Ann Konieczny didn?t always plan to become a wildlife rehabilitator, but that changed as soon as four orphan raccoon kits fell out of a tree, and into her yard and heart. Since then, her life has been energized by a passion to share God?s love of all creatures by rehabilitating rescued birds and beasts alike.Now, Trish shares her encounters with some unique four-legged and winged friends and what they?ve taught her about the caring relationship God wants us to have with the animal kingdom. You?ll find enchanting stories from her time at Lion?s Den Rehab, like those of?Spark: an abandoned baby squirrel nursed back to health and eventual freedomGeorge: a homely, headstrong pigeon who loved rehab so much he wouldn?t leaveBunny: an adorable but high-risk rescue rabbit determined to survive and thriveFilled with both heart-warming antics and nerve-wracking perils involving orphaned animals and birds, this book will delight every lover of furry and feathered babies?and reveal incredible insights into our relationship with God?s magnificent creation.