Putting Pants Back On The Church

by Anchor
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\There\'s a war being waged against men, and it\'s time to put an increased sense of masculinity back into our churches!\

In this important book, Putting Pants Back on the Church, Frank Mazzapica squarely addresses the steadily growing movement of gender-bending and gender confusion that is not found only in society but also in churches around the world. Men and women have lost the biblical definition of masculinity. And, as you will read in the pages of this well-researched book, there is a war being waged against men and masculinity.

Mazzapica promises that there are answers to this spiritual dilemma—proven ways to attract men to return to the house of God and to restore them to positions of church leadership. All this can be accomplished without offending—but actually endorsing—female leadership and contributions to our local churches.

This important book addresses the issues we all have with our local congregations:

  • Where have all the Christian men gone?

  • Why is there such gender confusion in the church?

  • Whatever happened to biblical masculinity, and why has the subject become so taboo?

  • How can our churches attract men to return to our congregations?

  • How can we reposition men in positions of church leadership?