Punctuation Puzzlers C1

by wasSTL
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Make them think while they have fun! Both series are uniquely designed to sharpen deductive reasoning and punctuation usage for clear communication. Students analyze, compare, contrast, and deduce using context clues. In Punctuation Puzzlers, readers must determine how meaning is affected by placement commas, apostrophes, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks, and periods (& semicolons in level C). They must place punctuation correctly to convey the intended meaning. In Run-on Riddlers, students must punctuate and capitalize to correct run-on and fragmented text in which the meaning is unclear. Text is given in a variety of formats, including sentences, interjections, quotations, and friendly letters. Students use the above skills and a given rule to edit brief, funny passages. Clues in each section become more subtle, offering a steady challenge as the skills of the students improve. Includes directions, lessons, answers and explanations.