Procrastination (Hope For The Heart) (Single)

by Anchor
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I can always do it tomorrow!" Are you caught in the tomorrow trap? Have you noticed how the decay of delay has affected various areas of your life? If allowed to continue, the pursuit of the trivial will preoccupy your attention and paralyze your progress. When you procrastinate, you will... *Miss deadlines, miss appointments, and miss opportunities *Frustrate the efforts of others who depend on you to do your part *Major on minor things, and minor on major things *Demonstrate an irresponsible lack of concern for your obligations *Put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today If you are plagued with procrastination, with God's help you can rearrange your priorities and complete your tasks on time. Productivity can replace your tendency toward procrastination when guided by the biblical principles of good time management. Be assured, you can defeat procrastination, finish tasks on time, and enjoy the process.