Prestige Striped Triangular Graphite #2 Pencils, Pack of 12

by Maped
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Write more comfortably with this ergonomic, pre-sharpened #2 pencil! Unlike a standard hexagonal pencil, the triangular body of the Maped Prestige Graphite #2 Pencils naturally index your fingers in the correct spots for a more comfortable hold, and they will not roll off of a desk or table! High quality #2 / HB graphite is break resistant and fully bonded to the wood casing so it sharpens and writes cleanly with no splinters or separated lead. Upgraded matte finish is easier to grip and will not slip during use, and fitted with a premium Latex, PVC and Phthalate free eraser that cleanly removes graphite without smearing or tearing. Easy to sharpen in any standard pencil sharpener!

Key Features :

Classic #2 Graphite Pencils with a modern, stylish twist that makes it easier to write!
High quality #2 / HB Graphite is break resistant and goes down smooth!
Triangular shape is more comfortable to hold and easier to use than a standard pencil, will not roll and is recommended by teachers!
Sharpen easily in any standard pencil sharpener
Latex-free eraser cleanly removes graphite with no smudging or tearing!
Customer will receive 12 pre-sharpened Graphite Pencils