Presence Carriers

by Anchor
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In Presence Carriers, David Shearman presents a compelling argument that demonstrates how dwelling in God\'s presence can, and should, be integral to every aspect of our lives. Taking examples from the journeys of various biblical characters, and sharing his own personal journey, he shows how committed God is to shaping each of our lives by His presence. No event or circumstance is wasted in His diligence to form Christ in us. We will, however, need to be open to embrace change as a constant factor in our lives. Written in two parts, the first half of this book teaches the importance of finding alignment with God\'s presence. The second half explores multiple aspects of God\'s presence in the light of Him preparing us for our destiny.

\'\In my life and ministry in Iraq, nothing is more important to me than the immediacy of the presence of God. Without His presence we are truly lost. Here David provides an all-important compass for us to find and abide in The Presence. I highly recommend it.\ - Canon Andrew White.