Prepare For The Coming Of Mess

by wasSTL
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Finally there is a book available that brings the end of days Bible prophecies together in a comprehensive way that makes sense. Don't be deceived by false teachings about the fulfillment of end time prophecies and the coming of Jesus (Yahshua) the Messiah. Written as 12 mini-books in one, this dynamic book offers a wealth of VITAL INFORMATION in the areas of: understanding our Creator's plan for humanity from creation to His established Kingdom here on earth; a thorough breakdown of the prophecies and their fulfillment of the first coming of the true Messiah and the yet to be fulfilled prophecies of His second coming; how you can have an intimate relationship with our Creator and live victoriously over all of life's challenges; our Hebraic roots and the very important significance of the Biblical Sabbath and the symbolism of the Seven Holy Biblical Feast celebrations in contex with Messiah's coming; how a new belief system was established from Messianic Judaism in 326 A.D.; several proofs that we are living in the last generation before the end of this age and the beginning of a completely better age; a detailed study of the resurrection of the saved and the VERY IMPORTANT correct timing of the event known as the RAPTURE; important signs and events to watch for as we progress closer to the time of the great tribulation; how we can prepare for the coming of the great tribulation period and then the Millennial Kingdom; a comprehensive teaching of the ministry of the body of Messiah, the manifestation of gifts, callings and positions by Holy Spirit for the born anew believers in the body of Messiah and Understanding the born anew believer s birthright in covenant relationship with Messiah.