Precious Moments In Hell

by Anchor
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A Precious moment in life is when you find hope when there is none! Life is Hell. Hell is everywhere, at every age, and rushes at us. We feel hopeless. Hopelessness was a path that I was destined to take. However, my life was changed with one touch one sentence. That moment changed my life forever.The world is full of tragedy. No one is exempt from having times when they feel like giving up on life because of pain and misery, ?hell on earth.? Author and survivor Charli?s memoir reminds readers to never give up on themselves for the Lord is in the midst of tumultuous events. He is always present in the form of a Precious Moment.Charli is one of the many people who have lived through soul-crushing pain. Beginning when she was four years old, she witnessed the darker side of humanity firsthand, from a physically abusive father who abandoned the family to a neglectful mother. Living in foster care and enduring seven years of daily torture was no walk in the park for Charli and certainly didn?t lighten the burden she would have to bear later in life. Like never-ending torrential rain, Charli?s life threw one storm after another at her, namely the murder of her mother, the sexual victimization and abduction of her daughter, and the abuse from her husbands not unlike what her mother experienced decades prior.?There are valleys we each will walk through in this life. Some refer to them as hell on earth. Psalm 23 call them ?valleys of shadows of death.?? This book is a testimony that can serve as a lamp onto your feet and a light onto your path.