Pre-handwriting Practice Activity Book Grade Preschool-2

by Carson Dellosa
SKU: ERSCD-705218
This early learning activity book provides engaging activities to help your child develop fine motor skills. Help your child master early printing skills with the Trace With Me: Pre-Handwriting Practice activity book. This early learning activity book provides hours of activities to improve handwriting skills such as strokes, lines, circles, and curves. In Trace With Me: Pre-Handwriting Practice, your child will practice early handwriting skills while learning letter formation. Each activity teaches fine motor skills and prepares your child for kindergarten success. The Trace with Me series gives your child the practice to master printing skills and more. Each activity book features a variety of colorful tracing activities that help young learners develop fine motor skills and vocabulary. These activities also provide opportunities for your child to practice early reading, early math, and basic concepts.

Key Features :

Features tracing activities for handwriting strokes such as lines, circles, and curvesHelps students develop fine motor skillsPromotes early reading concepts such as letter formation and letter recognition