Praying The Psalms

by Anchor
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For many Christians, prayer is a humdrum \have-to\ task they perform on autopilot—but it doesn\'\'t have to be that way. What if you knew you could see change and breakthrough as a result of your prayer life? What if prayer could bring you healing? What if praying could cause you to truly learn who you are and who you\'\'re meant to be? The book of Psalms proves real prayer is anything but boring. The recorded prayers of David and the other psalmists are real, raw, edgy, and authentic, and through their example you will learn to express your deepest hopes, hurts, and fears in honest prayer. By praying the psalms, you will learn how to identify and express your emotions before God in a healthy way. Through this journey, you will find intimacy with God, deeper community with others, and a new understanding of who you are.