Praying The Promises Of Jesus

by Anchor
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If you want to learn to pray with confidence, to be as comfortable praying as talking with a close friend, to pray powerfully and learn which prayers God loves to answer, help is at hand. As you journey with Pastor Rick Stedman through Praying the Promises of Jesus,
your faith will be strengthened as you learn how to pray in a fresh, enjoyable, and biblical way.
you\'ll explore seven key promises of Jesus in depth, providing a prayer focus for each day of the week that will transform your life and the lives of those you love.
you\'ll learn how to pray the Scriptures and watch as the whole Bible comes alive as a prayer book.
Jesus\'s promises are incredibly powerful, and Praying the Promises of Jesus helps you experience that power every day, all in an easy-to-remember, practical, enjoyable, and biblical way.