Praying God's Will For Your Life

by Anchor
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Praying God\'s Will for Your Life is not a book about finding the right person to marry or deciding on a career. It is a book about a way of life and a heart attitude that are God\'s will for everyone who knows Him. That way of life encompasses three important components:

1. An intimate relationship with God
2. A solid foundation in God\'s truth
3. A commitment to obedience

As she has in two previous bestselling books-The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent-Stormie invites you to discover the power of prayer, this time encouraging you to pray for yourself as you deepen your walk with God. Accept her challenge to pray for yourself in these areas every day for twenty days, and watch how God changes your life as you move into the center of His will. As you experience the power of God\'s will in your daily faith journey, take advantage of the bonus Prayer Journal, which offers Stormie\'s own words of encouragement and plenty of space for reflection and listing prayer requests and answered prayers.