Praying For My Next

by Anchor
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I married John Pater in Oct 1971, in communist Romania. We separated after six months and it seemed like any hope for reconciliation was gone. I prayed many years for him hoping that he would come back. He became involved in another relationship so I decided to divorce him after seven years. Although I had many people asking me to marry them, I felt that neither one of them was what God had intended for me. I received a letter from my ex-husband after twelve years. He had escaped from Romania and was now in Canada. He asked me to forgive him and follow him to Canada. At the same time I became friends with Peter Stancu and I would have rather chosen to go with him than with my ex. It seemed like it was not the will of God. Peter got cancer and died. I felt that God took him away so I would reconcile with my ex. Although I was not very sure how or if this was going to work, I accepted John. He then helped me escape from Romania by crossing 80 km of mountains on foot and crossing the Danube into Yugoslavia, which was extremely dangerous. From Beograd we came to Canada. All this happened 25 years ago. God has rebuilt our family and we are truly blessed. We are very thankful to God for all the miracles He did in our lives.