Prayers For Every Need

by Anchor
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This giftable collection offers more than 200 Scripture-based prayers you can pray for yourself, your friends, and your family about specific needs, such as stress, anxiety, hard times, illness, difficulties, and many more.When life sends us trouble, we should pray. When we experience blessings, we should pray. When a friend or loved one is going through a difficult time, we should pray. We know this. Yet too often we don\'t know exactly what to say--so we say nothing.Drawing from her many popular books on prayer, Linda Evans Shepherd offers you a compact, giftable compilation of powerful prayers arranged by topic, so you can find the words to ask God for help, consolation, wisdom, and many other needs for yourself or others. Covering such concerns as stress, anxiety, hard times, illness, and much more, the prayers in this book will be the ones you turn to again and again as you walk through life with the ones you love.