Pray About Everything Devotional Journal

by Anchor
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We all want more peace in our lives, but how do we get there? Breathing exercises, mindfulness, and positive thinking only get us so far. So what\'s missing?In Worried about Everything Because I Pray about Nothing, author and pastor Chad Veach demystifies the concept of prayer by explaining in practical terms what prayer looks like in our day-to-day lives. This passionate, personal approach to prayer removes the pressure to \'pray right\' and replaces it with the calm assurance that God always hears us--no matter when, where, why, or how we pray--and that he responds to us in love.\'The secret to prayer is that there is no secret to prayer. It\'s not magical or mysterious, complex, or frustrating. There is no right way to do it, no list of steps to follow, no magic formula to repeat. The key to prayer is simply to pray. Anyone can do it, and everyone should. And yet, so many of us avoid prayer because it seems overcomplicated.\'--Chad VeachAlong with building a case for the importance of prayer, Chad Veach illustrates principles for effective prayer, highlights areas where we can and should pray, and offers tangible strategies to implement a praying lifestyle amid the busyness of modern life. His down-to-earth style and authentic communication make the timeless principles of prayer accessible to a new generation of readers who want to know God better.