Pilgrim'S Progress Revisited, The

by Anchor
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The Pilgrim\'s Progress Revisited is based on John Bunyan\'s classic allegory that describes the Christian\'s walk through life. This book is a microscopic, concentrated view of the typical journey of a genuine Christian. It brings a fresh and unique approach to an old topic by dissecting allegorical characters and events in order to bring a distinction between the true and pseudo church. The Pilgrim\'s Progress Revisited turns a microscope on some difficult Biblical realities that have been either abandoned or adjusted in order to make the gospel of Christ palatable and less challenging. Discover how the dangers of conformity to the world rival the utter ecstasy of a loving relationship with God. Is it ever too late to change your path? About the Author: Christine was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. At a tender age, she renounced her faith in what she described as the empty religion in which she was raised. Attempting to fill the void, she pursued the dark arts in the occult, but in 1997 she finally found relief for that emptiness in a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Over the years she\'s been privileged to serve in singles ministries as well as lead various Bible studies.